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“Headphones, headsets, earbuds, noise-cancelling!”… And on and on and on. It all seems so confusing and overwhelming. All you want to do is buy the best possible headphones to suit your budget and needs.

Well, you have come to the right place. Headphones Junkie will tell you exactly what you need to know about headphones so that you can make the most informed decision without getting bogged down with the technical details.

Whether you wish to get a cool headset for your PS4 or discover which the most comfortable headphones out there are, we’ve got you covered. The reviews on this site will show you the benefits that come with the different specifications.

There are tips and tricks about headphones and earphones that you should be aware of. Most people blindly buy a pair of headphones without really knowing what they’re looking for. The end result is a less than satisfactory user experience.

But you know better…

If you’re reading this, you are doing your research on headphones. That’s excellent. Use the search bar to look for whatever you need to know regarding headphones, headsets, etc. It’s all here and it’s all explained in simple words.

You do not need to be a MENSA genius to know which headphones are best for cycling. You just need to read our reviews and it’s all laid out for you.

Ideally, you need to have a good idea of what you’re looking for and what the purpose of the headphones/earphones is. Personal preferences play an important role too. Spending some time thinking about what you want and need is crucial.

For example, some people prefer earbuds over headphones because headphones make their ears feel hot. They prefer smaller earbuds. Are you like that or are you an audiophile who prefers headphones that immerse you in a whole new world of sound?

Knowing your preferences will help you make the right decision. Of course, your budget will also dictate what type of headphones you can get. Headphones Junkie understands that different people have different budgets which is why we’ve articles such as “Best Bass Headphones Under $100” and “Best Earbuds Under $100”.

There is something for everyone here. It doesn’t matter what your preferences or budget is, we’ll help you find the best possible headphones that will make your day. Choosing the right headphones or earphones will increase your user experience immensely.

Playing Halo 5 on Xbox? The right headphones will shut out all outside distractions and make you feel “like you’re actually in the game”.

Love Shakira’s music? Get earphones that will make you feel like she’s singing right next to you. Just like Shakira’s hips, our headphone reviews don’t lie either.

Maybe you’re an avid cyclist and the normal headphones just get in your way. Or maybe you’re a trucker who spend hours on the road and you just want a headset that is comfortable… worry not, buddy. It’s all here.

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There are a few points that must be emphasized though. Firstly, you get what you pay for.

What that means is, the best headphones are almost always more costly than the cheaper alternatives. You’ll be paying for quality, more durable parts, added comfort and features, etc.

While you will not break the bank buying a pair of headphones, you may feel like it’s more economical to get the cheaper ones. The truth of the matter is that the difference in pricing between the better headphones and the cheaper ones is really not that great.

However, the slightly more pricey headphones will last much longer and the sound quality will be fantastic. A good set of headphones can outlive 3 low quality ones. In the long run, you’ll actually save money getting one good set of headphones instead of 3 dodgy, cheap ones.

Our recommendation is that you should get the better headphones or earbuds.

Another point to note is that not all headphones are equal. If you plan on using them to workout, you’ll need comfort and quality. It’d be best to get headphones designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Imagine going for a run and you keep getting distracted because the headphones are not secure and falling around your neck and strangling you. You’re using ordinary headphones that are not designed for intense activity. You need workout headphones.

All these issues have a huge impact on the user experience. The cyclist will need a different type of headphones than someone who is using his for airplane travel. A classical music lover will need headphones that bring out the beauty of Mozart and Chopin. You wouldn’t give them headphones which amplify gunshots and explosions. These are for gamers.

Different horses for different courses. As long as you realize that there are no “one size fits all” headphones, you will be able to make a wise customer decision. Sit down and think about what you need the headphones for.

Sometimes you may be a gamer but you like to go running too. In this case, you’ll need a pair of headphones that are suitable for both activities. If your budget allows for it, you may even wish to get 2 different headphones specific to each need. That will be wonderful.

All that matters is you get one that feels like it has your name written all over it. Choose a good pair and you’ll wonder how you lived so long without these headphones.

We are just as passionate about headphones as you, which explains why we set up an entire website dedicated to heaphones. You can find all the info you need here with a few clicks of a mouse. Welcome to Headphones Junkie.